Why Nidhi Cables

High Quality & Variety:

Nidhi Cables provide high quality products at very competitive prices. We offer a broader−than−ever range of insulation materials, sizes, colours and packaging to quickly and efficiently meet the new demands in the marketplace. All are available in ready−to−use form, from 90 meters to production requirements

Experienced Technical Force:

Our technical staff has an average tenure of 7 years and a wealth of industry experience. They have built a long standing client relationships based on personalized service and expert product knowledge.

Warehouse Expertise:

Regional area warehouses are centrally situated to local client base and are on major service routes to facilitate rapid and efficient supply to market. Each warehousing centre maintains a customized stock to meet the diverse, dynamic and time-sensitive needs of the local customer base. Our warehouse locations supply cables rolls and cables with required cut lengths (only in bulk quantities).

Sustainable Development:

We are committed to setting the highest standards of product quality, whilst minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. We achieve this by assessing all our operations to ensure they are as efficient as possible and by actively promoting sustainable methods of work. Our commitment to Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility is reflected in every dimension of our operations.